Our mindset is focused on the design and creation of products based on circularity, with the main objective of avoiding the extraction of new raw materials, reducing the environmental impact, and extending the life cycle of the products as much as possible. .blacktogrey is committed to becoming circular by using The LoopTM recycled fibers. This innovative Circular Economy project recycles and transforms textile waste into high-quality, sustainable raw materials to bring the most ethical clothing.

The LoopTM

The LoopTM recycled fibers are made through an innovative process that recycles used garments and textile waste turning them into new yarns to make new clothing. In addition, these new recycled yarns do not necessarily need a dyeing process, thus reducing water consumption and the use of chemicals.


Using this technology, we avoid extracting virgin raw materials, landfills, and incinerators, which drastically reduces the carbon footprint and energy and water consumption derived from farming, irrigation, and transportation.

Responsible Materials

As part of our Zero Waste philosophy, our products are consciously designed to leave a lighter footprint by using responsible, certified recycled, organic, and next-generation raw materials to be circular and therefore extend their life cycle: Organic Cotton | Lenzing EcoveroTM | Lyocell TENCELTM | MicroModal | Recycled Cotton The LoopTM | SeaqualTM | BCI Cotton | Recycled fibres