.blacktogrey was founded on our discovery of new sustainable manufacturing methods that both enhance the environment and respect the workers producing our garments. There is a climate crisis that cannot be ignored. We are the generation to end bad habits, redirect the downward projection of our planet, and make positive changes that will endure the test of time. Now is the time to disrupt the fashion industry as we know it.

.blacktogrey is a movement supporting unconventional and innovative ideas to inspire the world to get involved in sustainable and circular economies by recycling old clothes and creating new garments that last a lifetime. Our first step was working with universities to push the importance of sustainable clothing by educating the next generation, inspiring everyone to take action together. Side by side, we will create a collective power that will build a movement empowering climate change warriors and social justice activists.

The original BTG movement started in universities to encourage the younger generations to fight against climate change. Due to COVID-19 and universities remaining closed until further notice, we had to shift our roadmap and adapt to our current situation. During the lockdown, we created the next step: .blacktogrey collection. We created this collection to be accessible to anyone wishing to be a part of the movement, connecting us on a global and multigenerational level. This crisis made us stop in the midst of the madness to discover each other, to reconnect, to love, and to understand our true intention. Our time of reflection led to a beautiful revelation of our part in contributing to the protection of our planet. We invite you to join us in our mission to support the integration of circularity and sustainability in our everyday lives.

Together, we can shift the system.

Mariona and Hannah